“For One Direct Care Worker…A Final Chapter in her “Real People Real Stories” "I have worked in direct care for over 26 years and have not had health insurance for many years until I was able to purchase health insurance on the Health Insurance Marketplace. I am now enrolled in the Silver Plan and I have increased peace of mind that I now have health insurance. I was able to utilize the information in the Iowa CareGivers “…Guide to the Affordable Care Act and Health Insurance Marketplace” and did attend the Affordable Care Act training session offered by Iowa CareGivers.The website did present some challenges initially but I was able to complete the process. I also received reminders from the website and that encouraged me to set aside time to move forward to completion. I was able to do all of this on the website and did not need to call the 800# or speak to a navigator.

I currently work with clients receiving community supports. I was glad that I was able to assist one of my clients to enroll in the Iowa Health and Wellness Plan. It made me feel good to be able to help someone else to get health insurance and to give them some peace of mind."

Submitted by
Cindy Ramer, Certified Nursing Assistant
Denver, Iowa

Cindy is featured on the “Real People Real Stories” sharing her painful story of being forced to file bankruptcy due to medical debt and losing her husband to a heart attack.


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