Certified Nursing Assistant Now Has Affordable Health Insurance Through the Marketplace

Tracey My husband and I had been without health insurance for 9 years.  After hearing about the new health insurance laws through information from the Iowa CareGivers, I called the 800 number for the Health Insurance Marketplace.  It was very easy to do and as a result we now have a health insurance plan we can afford.  We simply tried to avoid trips to the doctor for so many years, but that wasn’t always possible.  In the past we would have to use the tax refund we get from the Earned Income Tax Credit to help pay overdue medical bills.  Now that we have health insurance we will be able to stretch our tax credit refund to pay for other family needs.  One of the best things about having health insurance is that we can now go to the doctor when we need to.  I encourage other direct care workers without health insurance, or with a health insurance plan they don’t like, to do what I did —go shopping for insurance and see what their options are!