Components of the Direct Care Professional Peer Mentor Program

Iowa CareGivers “A Call to Mentoring” Program© has two key components:

1. “A Call to Mentoring”: Manager Toolkit©. This is an online downloadable program that   
prepares employers to implement a DCP Peer Mentor Program. 
2. “A Call to Mentoring”: A Direct Care Professional’s Peer Mentor Education Program©. This is a two-day face-to-face training that prepares DCPs to mentor new and existing direct care staff.  The peer mentor program is not a preceptor or short term mentoring program, but rather it strives to facilitate an ongoing mentoring environment within an organization. 

Some organizations have also found the DCP Peer Mentor Program suitable for dietary, housekeeping, and other staff.

Historical Perspective:  DCP Educational Standards and Policymaker Support

The Direct Care Worker Task Force, now referred to as Direct Care Worker Advisory Council, was first appointed by Governor Tom Vilsack and Lt. Governor Sally Pederson in 2005.  The Advisory Council has been charged with reviewing and streamlining the educational standards for DCPs across all care settings.  This monumental task has been administered by the Iowa Department of Public Health.  To learn more about the recommendations of the Direct Care Worker Advisory Council, click on any of the links below: 

DCW Contributions to Health Reform  
Advisory Council Interim Report  
Report to the Legislature, January 2011  
Strategic Plan May 2010  

Visit IDPH Wesite for more information.

Iowa policymakers have continued to show commitment to the DCP profession through funding and legislation that supports the Direct Care Worker Advisory Council and the Iowa CareGivers.

Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds video 

Senator Jeff Danielson video  

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