The New Online Version

The current version of “A Call to Mentoring”:  Manager Toolkit© was edited to benefit employers and DCPs in all settings.  It has been reviewed by employers representing hospital, nursing home, in-home, and community living settings; educators; DCPs, and this grant project’s Leadership Team members.  Now that it has been converted to an online toolkit, employers will have easier access to it.

This first version of an online product is made possible through a contract with the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) and in partnership with the experts at the Upper Midwest Public Health Training Center (UMPHTC), University of Iowa.

Why Mentoring?

With the increasing demand for workers in the direct care field, health and long term employers already experiencing extremely high turnover rates, and the growing number of people who are needing care, support, and services; it is essential that we develop and maintain a more stable direct care workforce. "A Call to Mentoring" program is offered as a valuable resource to help retain staff and attract new workers. The benefits of this program include more consistent care from more consistent staff.

For more information on the need for those who work in direct care, view the Care Gap Fact Sheet.

Lt. Governor Reynolds' comment about the demand for direct care workers.Lt. Governor Reynolds' comment about the demand for direct care workers.

The costs of turnover to Iowa's employers and taxpayers is already significant, but will reach staggering amounts if not more is done to help retain those who work in direct care. For current turnover cost information, please refer to the following reports:

Direct Care Worker in Nursing Facilities Turnover Report: December 2013

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