It’s Personal:  Iowans Expect Consistent and Quality Care and Support

Persons served by health, support, and long term care organizations and their families rely on DCPs to provide the highest quality care and support possible.  Not being able to find and keep DCPs affects the citizens of our state in very personal ways.

DCPs Have the Desire to Provide Quality Care and Support

New DCPs report the need for longer and more meaningful orientations, and veteran DCPs report the desire for advancement opportunities within the direct care field.  “A Call to Mentoring”© provides solutions for both.  And, as an added bonus, employers may experience more stability among direct care staff, higher retention rates, cost-savings, and an enhancement in the services provided to the persons they serve.

The Manager Toolkit

The goal is to provide you with an easy-to-access, downloadable toolkit that contains printable sample templates, frequently asked questions, lessons learned from employers who have implemented mentor programs, resources, and checklists that will enable you to ready your organization at a pace consistent with your time and other resources. 

The Toolkit is comprised of an Introduction and four modules: 
Module 1:  Management’s Commitment
Module 2:  Steps to Implementing a Direct Care Professional Peer Mentor Program
Module 3: Supporting Direct Care Professional Peer Mentors
Module 4: Evaluating Your Direct Care Professional Peer Mentor Program

Because each level of care or type of service is unique and governed by various rules and regulations, we have provided a toolkit that applies to all settings.  It will allow you flexibility in developing and implementing your own plan so that you comply with your organization’s policies as well as state and federal rules and regulations.

We also view this first Iowa CareGivers downloadable Manager Toolkit as an opportunity for us to learn ways to improve the existing products, toolkit content, and presentation of materials. 

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