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Module 1: Management's Role and Commitment

What Will the Direct Care Professionals You Employ Learn at "A Call to Mentoring"©?

"A Call to Mentoring": A Direct Care Professional's Peer Mentor Educational Program© is a two-day face-to-face program that is taught by an Iowa CareGivers approved instructor. The program is usually taught in a group setting at a community college or other community setting.

"A Call to Mentoring"© Program Objectives

At the conclusion of this program, Direct Care Professionals will be able to:

Define and demonstrate the act of mentoring.

Describe how personal and professional values affect their ability to mentor others.

Identify qualities of effective mentors.

Discuss ways to organize methods used in new staff orientation.

Discuss the link between effective mentoring and retention of co-workers.

List ways to promote the development of a Direct Care Professional Mentor role within their organization.

Describe how to encourage a team approach within their organization.

Identify ways to assist with the successful implementation of the mentor program within their organization.

Describe how to self-evaluate their effectiveness as a mentor.

Is a Direct Care Professional (DCP) Peer Mentor Program Right For Our Organization?

A good place to start is by forming a planning committee that consists of administrators; human resource staff; those who educate, manage, schedule, and supervise direct care staff; preferably one or two direct care/support staff from your organization; and any others you deem appropriate. Answering some fundamental questions will help to ensure that everyone is at least on a similar page by the end of the meeting. Provided here is a worksheet that is intended to 1) help you evaluate how a DCP Peer Mentor Program will fit into your organization's culture, 2) identify your desired organizational outcomes, and 3) decide whether you are willing to invest the time and other resources necessary to be successful. You may add or delete questions as you see fit. We recommend using a flip chart to record the committee members' comments during the meeting. Making it possible for everyone to view the same information from a flip chart facilitates better discussion.

Resource #1: “Is a Direct Care Professional Peer Mentor Program Right for Our Organization?” worksheet 

Resource #2: “In Their Own Words: Administrators, Supervisors, and Mentors Talk About Mentor Program Success”

Resource #2A: "Advice from Those Who Have Been There: Lessons Learned and Barriers"

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