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Module 2: Steps to Implementing a Direct Care Professional Peer Mentor Program

Develop an Implementation Plan

Develop a Job Description for the DCP Peer Mentor Position

A job description that details the responsibilities of the new position of Direct Care Professional Mentor will need to be developed and become part of your personnel policies. It will be critical that you ensure that any delegation of duties is in keeping with governmental, corporate, union, and other policies, laws, or regulations governing your industry, as well as educational standards or qualifications of the employees. When the new mentors return from their training, they will be motivated and ready to embrace their new roles. Some providers develop an orientation task list for new mentors to use as a guide when orienting new staff. Your DCP staff can be very helpful in the development of an orientation task list.

Resource #5: "DCP Mentor Duties and Responsibilities"

Resource #6: "Sample: Direct Care Professional Peer Mentor – New Staff Orientation Checklist."

Determine the Incentives Your Organization Will Offer DCP Peer Mentors

Before promoting your DCP Peer Mentor Program, you must decide upon a consistent way to incentivize the DCPs to become or want to eventually become DCP Peer Mentors.  Making up the rules as you go will only cause needless setbacks. 

Module I should have helped you decide about whether you will promote your DCP Peer Mentor Program as 1) an opportunity for advancement for select DCPs or 2) a culture of mentoring in which all of the DCPs in your organization will be given the opportunity to become mentors based on more limited eligibility and criteria such as their length of employment with the organization.  Some providers have said that offering the opportunity to everyone helps avoid a top-down structure among the mentors and mentees.  Consider this sample list of incentives and decide what incentives are right for your organization.

Resource #7: “Potential Incentives to Offer Direct Care Professional Mentors”


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