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Module 2: Steps to Implementing a Direct Care Professional Peer Mentor Program

Develop an Implementation Plan

Develop an Equitable Selection Process

An equitable selection process is key. If you personally hand-pick or select the DCPs that you want to become DCP Peer Mentors without a process in place, be prepared for some hostility from those who may perceive the selection process as unfair. Do all you can to avoid any appearance of favoritism that can sabotage your program before you get it off the ground. And be sure to ensure you have checked and are complying with your company policies, hiring practices, and any labor laws pertinent to your process.

Develop eligibility criteria for applicants for your DCP Peer Mentor Program
Resource #8:  “Sample: Direct Care Professional Peer Mentor Applicant Eligibility Criteria”
Resource  #8A:  “Sample: Commitment to CNA Practice Committee”
Develop a job application or use/modify an existing application
Resource #9:  “Sample: DCP Peer Mentor Job Application Form”

Prepare interview process and questions
Consider providing questions that require some thought to applicants ahead of time.
Resource #10:  “Sample: Interview Questions for DCP Peer Mentor Program Applicants”

Develop a scoring process if one is to be used.
Resource #11:  “Sample: Scoring Process for DCP Peer Mentor Program Applicants”
Scoring applicants can be helpful. Your final decision should be based upon the applicant eligibility criteria your organization has established and the applicant’s interview.  The selection criteria can be based on a point system based upon your eligibility criteria.

Use a Timeline

Logging key dates and staff assignments on a timeline as they are decided (e.g. application deadline, selection deadline, training dates) will help keep you on task and accountable. Allow the time to do it right. 

Resource #12:  Sample Project Timeline

Develop an Evaluation Plan

Your overall evaluation of the DCP Peer Mentor Program will ideally link back to your early planning decisions using the worksheet entitled “Is a Direct Care Professional Peer Mentor Program Right For Our Organization?”  As part of that discussion and process you should have listed a few expected outcomes (e.g., reduction in staff turnover, enhanced job satisfaction).  (See Module 4)

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