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Module 2: Steps to Implementing a Direct Care Professional Peer Mentor Program

Develop an Implementation Plan

Educate All Staff and Other Interested Persons About the DCP Peer Mentor Program

Whether you decide to establish the mentor position as a promotion for only those who meet specific criteria or eligibility or as an opportunity for all, the DCP Peer Mentor position should be presented as something that every DCP within your organization has the opportunity to apply for. You may promote it as something that is special, but attainable for ALL!

Plan and hold an informational meeting about the DCP Peer Mentor Program. Answer any questions or concerns early on. Better to resolve issues before the program is implemented than to have to face attempts to block or sabotage the program after it begins.

Resource #13:  "Sample: All Staff Meeting Notice: Agenda Will Include Discussion About DCP Peer Mentor Program"

Resource #13A:  “Sample: Direct Care Professional Peer Mentor Program Interest Inventory”

Post a DCP Peer Mentor Program flyer announcing the opportunity in employee lounges, on bulletin boards, on your website, in your organization newsletter, as check stuffers, or via company email.

Resource #14:  “Sample: DCP Peer Mentor Promotional Flyer to Post”  

Resource #14A:  “Sample: DCP Peer Mentor Promotional Check Stuffer” 

Solicit DCP interest in the "A Call to Mentoring" program and seek applicants by inserting a "stuffer" in DCP's payroll checks, lockers or organizational mailboxes. The check stuffer or flyer should contain some information about the program, who can apply, qualifications required, and the application deadline. And stick to the deadline unless you have too few applicants. If so, extend the deadline, but for everyone and not just one or two individuals who may be late in submitting their applications.

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