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Module 2: Steps to Implementing a Direct Care Professional Peer Mentor Program

Develop an Implementation Plan

Implement the Selection Process

Don’t be disappointed if DCPs are not knocking your door down asking for an application.  Even after having an informational meeting and answering questions about the opportunity, there are a number of reasons why people may not express an interest.  Among the reasons are FEAR, FEAR, and FEAR:

Fear of being perceived as “hoity toity” by their fellow DCPs.
Fear of failure or of “looking stupid.”
Fear of the unknown and change.
Fear of applying and not being accepted when another co-worker may be selected. (This is why opening the program to all who are interested after a certain period of employment may work better for some).

Accept applications for the DCP positions.
Screen applicants for eligibility based upon eligibility criteria you established.
Interview applicants.
Select applicants based upon the selection criteria and scoring process you have established
Notify applicants.
It is important that you use the same message and process to notify all those selected (in person, letter, or both…but it must be consistent).  The notification process for those not selected is probably even more important than for those who were selected.  They will need to be assured that there will be another opportunity.
Enroll DCPs in Mentor Program training.  (Iowa CareGivers mentor training, “A Call to Mentoring”: A Direct Care Professional’s Peer Mentor Educational Program© will be offered at scheduled times during the year. Call Iowa CareGivers or visit their website for schedule.


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