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Module 3: Supporting Direct Care Professional (DCP) Peer Mentors

Outside the Workplace

Iowa CareGivers promotes the Direct Care Professional Mentor Program as a career advancement opportunity for Direct Care Professionals.  Those who are advancing in any profession need quality continuing education and networking opportunities with others in their field.

Providing DCP Mentors and all DCP staff with external supports is important. Iowa CareGivers provides a number of supports through its Resource and Outreach Center (newsletters, educational conferences, and website tailored for DCPs). 
Iowa CareGivers holds a statewide annual educational conference for DCPs.  Some employers pay DCPs for their time off, registration, and travel expenses when attending the Iowa CareGivers' conference.  This may work best when selection criteria for deciding which DCPs can attend the conference are established and used. 
Resource #18: “Sample:  Qualifying criteria for CNA Selection to Attend 2010 Annual Conference for Direct Care Workers"
There are a number of other supports and programs offered through community colleges, universities, associations, and service organizations, as well as online.

The key is to provide all of the DCPs employed within your organization with opportunities, choices, and options for education, recognition, and support both inside and outside the workplace. 

Iowa CareGivers' Mission: Enhancing quality of care by providing education, recognition, advocacy, and research in support of those who work in the field of direct care.

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