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Module 4: Evaluating Your Direct Care Professional Peer Mentor Program

How to Administer Evaluations of Mentors and Mentees

The way in which you administer mentor and mentee evaluations can make or break your process and outcomes. Assure staff that the sole purpose of the evaluation is to find ways to better support or strengthen the mentor program and not to single out anyone for criticism.   It is extremely important to explain to mentors and mentees that this is nothing more than a way to gather their feedback and information about how “together” you can enhance the program and celebrate successes.  And don’t just talk about celebrating a success, but actually do it!  No success is too small to celebrate…in fact...when recognized, the small steps to success can be the most significant!! 

We recommend that evaluations of mentors and mentees are completed quarterly during mandatory staff meetings, randomly, or during meetings with mentors and mentees.  Quarterly evaluations of the DCP mentors and mentees will provide ongoing feedback.  From the information gathered you can determine:

Need for additional education or training for mentors and mentees.
Areas for management to do a better job of offering supports.
Areas that need further clarification.
Areas that call for celebration.

Resource #20: "Sample:  Direct Care Professional Peer Mentor Program Evaluation Form (for Mentors)"  
Resource #21: "Sample:  Direct Care Professional Peer Mentee Program Evaluation Form (for Mentees)"

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