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Module 4: Evaluating Your Direct Care Professional Peer Mentor Program

How to Use and Share Evaluation Results

Collective findings should be shared with management, mentors, and mentees in a joint meeting, with only highlights of the findings reported.  It will be important to celebrate the positives.  And where there are concerns, let staff know that concerns have been heard and will be addressed.  If  the concerns can’t be addressed, let staff know why.  Engage all staff in an open discussion about what steps can be taken “together” over the next few months to improve the program. 

The information should be used to help coach the mentors or identify potential topics for continuing education programs for Direct Care Professional Mentors and other Direct Care Professional staff and NOT as a criticism. 

Management can set a good example by owning the need for change in management’s approach or action. For example, “Some have said that management could do a better job of making sure new DCP employees are assigned a DCP mentor immediately upon hire, and we are going to explore ways we can do a better job of that.  Do you have any specific recommendations on how we might do that?”   This kind of modeling will create a safe environment for others to speak up without feeling threatened or compromised in any way. Of course, it is important to ensure that you mean what you say and are equipped to “walk your talk” when you leave the meeting.

Other Evaluation and Tracking Tools

If you currently do not track staff retention or turnover as part of an internal quality assurance program or requirement of the state or federal government, you may want to set up such a system.  Here are a couple of tools that can easily be integrated into your organization so long as you have the staff to manage the data tracking system.  There are also a number of federally recommended formulas for calculating turnover or retention rates.

Resource #22:  "Sample Tracking Tool (Word document that explains the coding for Resource #22A, The Tracking Spreadsheet)"

Resource #22A:  "Tracking Spreadsheet in Excel"

Resource #23:  "Log of Lessons Learned"

Use this modifiable sample tool to help evaluate overall progress being made in your DCP Peer Mentor Program by logging issues/concerns raised as well as recommendations for actions to make enhancements or adjustments to the program.  It is critically important to implement the agreed upon change and communicate it to all concerned in a timely manner and then continue to monitor or track outcomes of any changes made to the program.

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