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About Us

Greetings from Di Findley, Executive Director, Iowa CareGivers

Di Findley PhotoJOIN US IN OUR FIGHT FOR GOOD DIRECT CARE JOBS AND GOOD CARE “Relentlessly Vigilant…We Will Not Rest…

We will not rest until all who work in direct care receive the education, compensation, and respect they need and deserve!  Nor will we rest until all Iowans have access to high quality care and support when and where they need it.  The bottom line…access to good care isn’t possible without those who provide most of the direct hands on care… the direct care workforce. 

In 1992 I founded the Iowa CareGivers from my basement with little more than a garage sale princess telephone, a Macintosh computer with a 12-inch screen, and a desire to bring a voice and face to those who work in the field of direct care. Having worked as a nurse aide for 13 years, I understood the need then and I understand the issues even more today!  The challenges are many but we will remain relentlessly vigilant in carrying out our mission.

I urge all Iowans to join us in our efforts to enhance the earning capacity, educational opportunities, and overall status of this vitally important sector of our workforce to the highly regarded, well-compensated and skilled public servant standing they deserve!

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