Come Care With Me

Through the “Come Care With Me” campaign, elected officials were given an opportunity to experience, first-hand, what those in direct care do every day.  It also gave them a sense of how vital direct care is to family caregivers, employers, and more importantly…to those being served.  The “Come Care With Me” videos below serve as a reminder to elected officials, at all levels, that the importance of direct care must be reflected in the decisions they make.  Share this webpage with your elected officials and others!

reynolds_teethLt. Governor Kim Reynolds Walks in the Shoes of a Direct Care Worker

Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds provides oral care to Rachel, a vibrant 14 year old with cerebral palsy.

Watch video of her experience here.

Representative Lisa Heddens Walks in the Shoes of Direct Care Workers at the Madrid Home

heddensIn describing the day, Heddens said that “I didn’t come here just to watch. I came here to work, and to get a better appreciation for both the rewards and the challenges of the job. I came away with a greater understanding of how difficult the work is, and how valuable these workers are.”

Watch video of her experience here.

harmony_houseSenator Danielson Walks in Shoes of Kelly Stokes, CNA

Watch video of their experience here.
Pictured from L to R: Kelly Stokes, Certified Nursing Assistant, Senator Jeff Danielson, and Scott Bonney.

“I don’t think the public understands how important direct care workers are. Kelly is an everyday hero and more people need to know about the value of her work.”
Senator Danielson