Life-saving direct care workers earn a median hourly wage of $13.80

Des Moines Register Editorial: Iowa caregivers ask Gov. Kim Reynolds and all elected officials to place a priority on Building a Strong Direct Care Workforce.

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Ask Presidential Candidates Questions that are Important to you!

“If you are elected President what will you do to ensure that there are enough health and long term service and support (LTSS) workers to serve Americans in need given the severe shortages?  What will you do to ensure that I earn a decent wage, have access to health care coverage, and affordable child care?  What will you do to ensure health and LTSS employers and persons served are reimbursed at a rate that enables them to pay me and other health care workers fairly!  What will you do to help family caregivers!”

This is the perfect time for you to meet and ask Presidential Candidates questions that are important to you.  Iowa CareGivers is reaching out to ALL Presidential Candidates to ensure they know who you are and what an important role you play.  But your voices are far more important than ours.  Let us know if you have any conversations with candidates and what they have to say about paid and family caregivers and the Americans who need them.

Iowa CareGivers Executive Director, Di Findley, had the opportunity to participate on a round table hosted by Senator Amy Klobuchar (MN). Learn more:

Presidential candidates, take the lead on aging issues

by John and Terri Hale

It's not enough to just address Medicare and Social Security

As more than 20 Democratic candidates for president scurry around Iowa looking for a way to stand out from the crowd, here is a suggestion: Take the lead on aging issues – the challenges affecting those who are now or who will soon be 65 and over.

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Get Involved:

Advocating for change takes people.  But change can’t occur without ACTION!  It takes people who know and live the issues.  It takes people who are willing to get involved and take action.  You can do that today without ever leaving your comfortable chair through Face Book, email, and phone.  Please find ways that you can join the effort in educating the public and legislators about who you are, the importance of what you do, and share the direct care issues that are important to you.  Here are some examples of how others have gotten involved:

The Cindy Chronicle Educating the public and law makers about the need for affordable health care for those who work in direct care. 
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Tracy Hoveland Educating US Senator Tom Harkin About the Importance of Retirement Benefits for those who work in direct car.
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Tony Wells Educating the media about direct care

Fran Mancl Educating the general public about the importance of educational standards and being viewed as a professional. 
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Becky Johnson Educating the general public about the importance of direct care.
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  • Share your story and the direct care issues that are important to you with Iowa CareGivers
  • Write an article for the Iowa CareGivers Hub newsletter
  • Encourage others to share their stories, ideas,  and concerns about direct care issues
  • Start a conversation via social media about important direct care issues
  • Participate in Iowa CareGivers programs and services to learn more about how you can make a difference
  • Enroll in the Iowa CareGivers Leadership program
  • Contact your State Senator and State Representative or your members of Congress
  • Vote!