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The Iowa CareGivers partners with many different agencies and organizations. We promote and support other programs and services that can benefit or be of interest to direct care professionals and the Iowans they serve

BridgetteIowa Seizure Smart Conference


7:30 AM CDT – 11 AM CDT

The Epilepsy Foundation invites you to join us for our Iowa Seizure Smart Conference which will be held on Saturday, October 30, 2021 from 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM CT on Zoom!
We planned our Iowa Seizure Smart Conference as an in-person/hybrid conference at the Unity Point Education and Research Center in Des Moines, but due to COVID and the health and safety with our staff and those we serve, we have converted this event to a virtual conference on zoom.

This conference provides epilepsy education with medical experts and is geared toward families, individuals and caregivers impacted by epilepsy, but providers and professionals will also be in attendance.

There is NO COST to register or participate in the conference and we welcome all individuals who are interested in learning more about seizures and epilepsy to register and participate!

Personal assistants who serve people with disabilities in rural areas are invited to tell their story with photos

BridgetteParticipants receive $50.

PAS workers are critical to the well-being of people with disabilities.

Right now there are serious shortages of personal assistance workers in rural communities.

Understanding PAS workers’ experiences is important in improving our understanding of how to support the important work they do.

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Staying the Course in Turbulent Times


Featuring local, national and internationally recognized subject matter experts on topics including:
  • Responding to bio-psycho-social impacts of brain injury
  • Medical treatment, rehabilitation, adaptations and accommodations after brain injury
  • Prevention of and/or navigating secondary outcomes including homelessness, mental health challenges, unemployment and substance abuse
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