Toughest Job You’ll Ever Love
Professional Development Class Focuses on Changing the Way We Think and Talk About Direct Care

Eight amazing individuals who provide direct care for various populations took part in a day of dialogue to identify ways to increase awareness about who they are and what they do in serving the Des Moines area communities.  Participants shared concerns about how they are viewed by the general public, media, elected officials, and others.  

The expressed concern for how the sometimes negative image impacts the ability to attract and keep people in the fields of caregiving. They went on to identify ways that they, as individuals, and we, as a team and with other stakeholders, can begin to change the way we think and talk about those who provide direct care or support to Iowans.  Participants felt that stigmas such as “women’s work” and labels such as “entry level workers” contribute to society undervaluing their work, as well as the diminishing the value of those they serve.  Guest speakers Andie Dominick, Des Moines Register Editorial Writer, and Representative Marti Anderson (Des Moines) joined them for a portion of their meeting to share their insights on how they can better communicate with their legislators and other elected officials and the media. Attendees received scholarships to attend the Iowa CareGivers’ statewide education and networking conference “Caregiving: It’s Universal”     

I would like people to understand that this job is a career choice for some and not just something people settle for. It’s an honor. -Donna Cheers, CNA, Hospice for 42 years

If you are interested in participating in a small group Toughest Job You’ll Ever Love Professional Development Class, Contact Iowa CareGivers at 515-223-2805 or

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The program was made possible by a grant from the BWA Foundation.