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The care and support needs of older Iowans and children and adults living with disabilities can’t be met without well-prepared paid caregivers and other supports for family caregivers and consumers. Many Iowans currently face serious challenges in finding and keeping qualified paid caregivers to provide the consistent vital daily supports that they or their loved ones need. Your gift will help ensure a network of excellence in caregiving and support for all Iowans. More specifically, your investment will provide more opportunities for caregivers to participate in educational programs; specialty training in areas such as oral care and dementia; civic engagement and issue advocacy; recruitment and retention initiatives such as mentor and leadership training; public awareness and recruitment campaigns; and other important tools and resources. Your gift will have a far-reaching impact on you, your loved ones, and the greater good… and for that we are grateful!

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Iowa CareGivers Endowment:

Margaret Swanson, a long-time community activist and philanthropist, started an endowment fund for Iowa CareGivers upon her passing. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of her beloved family lake cottage paved the way for others to help ensure the future of Iowa CareGivers programs and services…initiatives that assist important and successful programs and services for caregivers. Margaret experienced first-hand the importance of those who work in direct care when her daughter Chris was left in a coma following a head-on car collision, an accident which eventually took Chris’ life. Margaret’s unwavering appreciation of those in direct care lives on through the Iowa Caregivers Endowment.

We ask that you consider a commitment that will have long-term and lasting impact on the lives of Iowans of all ages and abilities by donating to the Iowa CareGivers Endowment to endow the vital programs, scholarships, and services stated above.

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Your contribution may be tax deductible as prescribed by law. Donors will be listed in the Iowa CareGivers newsletter and other public announcements unless otherwise instructed. Iowa CareGivers is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit.