Congratulations on considering launching a Direct Care Professional (DCP) Peer Mentor Program within your organization.  It is our hope that this online toolkit will provide helpful information and resources to aid in the successful implementation of a DCP Peer Mentor Program.  

This Manager Toolkit is designed for those managers, human resource staff, supervisors, administrators and others who may be responsible for implementing the mentor program within their organization(s).  For the purposes of this toolkit, health, support, and long term care employers include home care/home health agencies, companion services, nursing and assisted living facilities, hospitals, hospices, group homes, residential care facilities, and home and community providers that serve persons with disabilities. 

The preferred process is for employers to use the Manager Toolkit to ready their organization for implementation of the DCP Mentor Program before DCPs complete the Mentor Education Program.  The DCP Peer Mentor Manager Toolkit is offered in that spirit. DCPs can, however, attend the DCP Peer Mentor Program on their own or without their employers having used the Manager Toolkit.

The information presented is based on experiences of others who have used various approaches to implement a DCP Peer Mentor Program.  It is intended to provide employers with some practical, easy to understand, sample tools that are downloadable, flexible, and modifiable to setting.  It is written with the understanding that there are many corporate, governmental, union, or other policies and regulations that may impact overall planning.  Those implementing the DCP Peer Mentor Program must ensure their own program is in compliance with policies and procedures pertinent to their employment setting.

We begin with an overview of basic historical and background information about the program, educational standards for DCPs, and clarification of the language used throughout this toolkit.

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