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Module I: Management's Role and Commitment


A Direct Care Professional (DCP) Peer Mentoring Program can provide veteran direct care staff an opportunity for a promotion or advancement and can provide new direct care staff a more meaningful orientation and work experience. Whether you decide to use the Mentor Program 1) as a means to promote certain individuals through an application process, pay increase, and other incentives or 2) to encourage all direct care staff to complete the mentor training by simply enrolling in the class…a well thought out plan and "buy-in" from management are essential for success.

Embracing a Philosophy of Mentoring

Ideally, you will create a mentoring environment among all staff, persons served, and their families. Fundamental to the DCP Mentor Program is the promotion of professionalism within the field of direct care. It is important that your organization can or already does embrace direct care staff as the professionals they are.

Mentoring is about sharing the power. In a world where it is sometimes easier to "just do it myself" or "It saves time and money if I can just do it myself"…it can be difficult to step back and take the time needed to give others the opportunity to learn and grow in their confidence at a pace that is suitable for them. This means managers will need to step back and empower DCP Mentors, and DCP Mentors will need to step back and empower new and existing DCPs and, for that matter, the persons and families they serve.

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