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Module 2: Steps to Implementing a Direct Care Professional Peer Mentor Program


The steps to implementing your Direct Care Professional (DCP) Peer Mentoring Program will vary by 1) the size of your organization, 2) type of services you provide, 3) clientele you serve, and 4) your organization's philosophy regarding the selection of individuals to participate in the DCP Peer Mentor Program.

Module II will provide tools to help you think about not only the steps in implementing your DCP Peer Mentor Program, but also perhaps more importantly, the order in which the steps occur.

A Plan for Implementation of Your Direct Care Professional Peer Mentor Program

It is important to have a plan in place before the DCPs complete the training and return to your organization to begin serving in their new roles. Setting things in motion as soon as possible after the DCPs complete mentor training will keep the momentum going.

You may allow two to six months or longer readying your organization, depending upon the size of your organization and other factors.

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