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Module 3: Supporting Direct Care Professional (DCP) Peer Mentors


Mentors, mentees, managers of the mentor program, and administration will need encouragement and praise along the way.  It is likely that there will be mistakes.  What’s important is to embrace the mistakes as valuable lessons learned.  Providing an ongoing supportive environment that extends beyond the initial implementation of the Peer Mentor Program is essential.

Module III will focus primarily on ideas for establishing supports, aside from the original incentives offered, for the DCP Peer Mentors in your organization.  We recommend a combination of supportive opportunities and perks both within the workplace and outside the workplace.

It is natural for new DCP Mentors to experience butterflies and uncertainty about their new leadership role.  They will feel like they are under a microscope at first (and they will be).  Even if they have been mentoring for years without the formal title…a new title, additional training, and a pay increase can create new expectations on the part of co-workers and the mentors alike.

Some of the possible DCP incentives you decided on early in your planning process may also be on your list of internal supports.  In the next pages, you will find some examples of supports to try both in the workplace and outside the workplace

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