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Module 4: Evaluating Your Direct Care Professional Peer Mentor Program


There are a number of approaches to evaluating your DCP Peer Mentor Program. It is best if you can decide early in your planning how your organization will address the evaluation. Your evaluation strategies do not have to be sophisticated. It's not a research project, but rather a means to identify where there may be gaps or areas that need enhancements. Your evaluation may consist of qualitative methods like focus groups or interviews and/or quantitative measures like written surveys. Your methods can be conducted internally or by a third party if you have the resources to do so. You may already have measures in place that are a normal part of your quality assurance practices or required by state or federal law such as tracking and reporting staff turnover or retention rates.


Developing Your Evaluation Plan

Developing your evaluation plan is simply deciding how you will measure the “desired outcomes” you identified in your early planning phase (Module I: “Is a Direct Care Professional Peer Mentor Program Right for Our Organization?”)  Don’t wait until the mentors have begun their new roles to put together an evaluation plan – do it at the outset.

While your evaluation will be unique to your program and workplace, we offer some recommendations and tips for consideration.  You may choose to evaluate your program and track your success internally or choose to go through a third party to conduct the evaluation.  Here is a worksheet to help you think through how to best evaluate your DCP Peer Mentor Program.

Resource #19: Sample: Evaluating Your Direct Care Professional Peer Mentor Program

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